Welcome to the best open mic karaoke experience in Melbourne!

Jankara is your stereo-typical “movie like” open mic Japanese karaoke bar – where the crowd gets up into the action, and the drinks and songs flow all night, every night - for you to sing and dance into the early morning.

Karaoke is free, for every two drinks purchased a song ticket is provided – Once your song comes up, you take the stage to wow the crowd (or at least try to). If not, buy another drink and perhaps with a bit of dutch courage you will pull off the next song!

Jankara Karaoke bar is great for birthday, hens and bucks parties and we will leave you with some great memories like when Mike and Jen decided to thrash out Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody; or for work functions when Mark from accounting decided he was a rock god and sung Bon Jovi – Livin on a Prayer. The best open mic Karaoke experience in Melbourne awaits – Book Now!